05.08.2019 | Podcast

Podcast production

Many people are perhaps aware of the podcast phenomenon in the shape of ‘true crime’ series such as Serial or comedy pods like “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”. What they maybe don’t know is that lots of businesses and educational institutions are also choosing to make their own informative podcasts. At Nitro, we’ve produced podcasts for everything from diabetes to chess, and that’s exactly what’s so great about podcasts: everyone can find material about their favourite subject.

Smartphones and mobile broadband have really paved the way for podcasts and we’re listening to them more than ever before. We listen on the bus, in the car, when doing housework, making dinner, training or just going for a walk. As much as 8% of the entire population of Norway listens to podcasts daily (2018).

With so many podcasts available, it’s important to stand out. We believe that well produced podcasts with top quality sound will reach more listeners. Podcasts should be pleasant to listen to and feature clear speech and volume levels suitable for wherever you are.

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